Fremont County Recorder

Jenny McAllister, Recorder
506 Filmore St., PO Box 295
Sidney, Iowa 51652-0295
PBX: 712-374-2315
FAX: 712-374-2826
Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. M-F
Holiday Closings: See Holiday Schedule
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Fremont County GIS Fremont County Parcel Shape Files are available by going to the Iowa GIS Repository

Vital Records Notice:

The application fee to request a search for an Iowa Birth, Death or Marriage Record for the Purpose of Obtaining a Certified Copy is $15.00
For more information click here  vital records notice page.

The Recorders Office can now accept Visa and Mastercard credit/debit cards for payment.
Customers who make payment with their credit/debit card will be charged an additional service fee.

The Recorders Office will Record all instruments presented for recordation that are in compliance with the law. Original signatures with name printed or typed under signature, notarization of signatures, corporate seal if applicable. Documents signed on or after July 1, 2005, must meet document formatting standards pursuant to Iowa Code Chapter 331.606B. A $10.00 non-standard fee will be charged for all documents that do not conform to the requirements. To See a list of all Fees Click Here.

*First page requirements include a 3" top margin; below the 3" margin: the names of all grantors and grantees; the name address, and telephone number of the individual who prepared the document; the name and complete mailing address of the taxpayer for any document of transfer; a return address; and the legal description. If insufficient space exist, the page number reference for any of the information shall be noted on the first page.

Some conveyances require Declaration of Value and Groundwater Hazard Forms with deeds, contracts, leases, and sale of buildings on leased land as required by law. *The new DOV form 57-011 will be required for all recorded documents on and after July 1, 2016. The new Declaration of Value form is available in a Fillable DOV Form or a Printable DOV Form. Additional DOV Instructions are available here.

* Effective July 1, 2016 the only DOV form we will accept is form 57-011.

The Groundwater Hazard fillable form or printable form is available by clicking on the available links. (form 07/18/2012) . Instructions are here. Both the front and back of the form must be submitted.

You may be required to file a Notice of Waste Disposal Site attachment #1. To view the Groundwater Hazard Rules click on this link.

Effective July 18, 2012 The Fremont County Recorder will only accept GWH Forms including Attachment #1 dated July 18, 2012.

Indexes and Documents are now available on-line from 1981 to current on . There is no charge for inquires or copies from the Iowa Land Records website.

Recorders issue revenue stamps on deeds. First $500.00 is exempt, then .80 per each $500 or portion thereof. To figure your transfer tax please use calculator below. To see the Real Estate Tax Table click here.

Enter amount paid in the box below exclude commas (,) and dollar signs ($), then click submit.

Total Amount Paid
Rounded Up to Nearest $500 Increment
Taxable Amount
Amount Due = $  

Recorders furnish certified copies of instruments of record in the office with payment of proper fees. Fees are $5.00 for certification and .50 per page.

Recorders issue hunting, trapping, and fishing license, including special licenses for deer and turkey. Drivers license or ID card is required for identification.

Visa and Mastercard credit/debit cards will be accepted for payment. Customers who make payment with their credit/debit card will be charged an additional service fee.

Register and title boats, snowmobiles, and ATVs:

NOTICE: Sales Tax is Collected on all Boat, Snowmobile & ATV Sales.

NEW Boats, Snowmobiles & ATV's purchased from a dealer require a Bill of Sale and Manufacturers Statement of Origin, other information required is the length, width, capacity and color.

USED Boats, Snowmobiles & ATV's purchased from a dealer require Bill of Sale, registration and title if a titled boat, snowmobile or ATV.

USED Boats, Snowmobiles & ATV's purchased from an individual require Bill of Sale, registration and title if a titled boat, snowmobile or ATV.

Updated 07/01/2019: Issue Marriage Licenses, Birth and Death Certificates of events that occurred in Fremont County. Proper Identification, information is required. Cash or money order only will be accepted for payment. Before applying please read this Vital Records Notice.

Report Monthly to the Board of Supervisors all fees collected and paying into the county treasury fees payable to the county. Report to the Department of Natural Resources, department of Revenue and Finance, Department of Public (vital records) and remit fees collected.

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