Fremont County Board of Supervisors 
Tentative Agenda

May 2013

Fremont County Board of Supervisors Meeting Format:

Persons without an appointment on the agenda may be allowed to speak with the Board of Supervisors at the end of their regular meeting. There will be a five minute limit for each individual addressing the Board of Supervisors. Public comment during the official meeting is also limited to five minutes and must be related to the topic being discussed at the time of comment.   

May 2, 2013:

10:00 am Hwy 2/L575 Multi-Agency Meeting, EOC-Morgan (To View Agenda Click Here)

May 6, 2013:

1:00 pm SWIA Regional CPC Meeting, Atlantic–Hickey 

May 7, 2013:

Approve Agenda 
Approve Minutes
Approve Bills and Reports
Open Mail and Hear Visitors

9:00   am Mark Jewell & Other Concerned Citizens–Discuss Golf Course
9:45   am Dee Owen, Assistant Auditor & John Walter–Discuss Schultz Drainage Ditch Levy Rate & Ditch Work
10:00 am Dan Davis, Engineer
1 Sign DOT Amended Budget for FY 2013
2 Sign IDOT Payment Voucher with HGM for Project #BRS-CO-36(60) - - 60-36

3 Discussion Re: Sharing with Page County Engineers Office
10:15 am Approve Class C Native Wine, Outdoor Service, Sunday Sales Liquor License for Sugar Clay Winery & Vineyard
10:20 am Wilbur Henkle, Conservation Board–Discuss/Consider Lease
10:30 am Sign Letter to State Auditor Requesting Audit for FY Ending 6-30-13
10:35 am Fremont County Wellness Committee–Discuss 2013 & 2014 Wellness Programs 

May 14, 2013:

Approve Agenda 
Approve Minutes
Approve Bills and Reports
Open Mail and Hear Visitors

8:30   am Department Head Meeting
9:00   am Canvass Jail Special Election
9:15   am Darren Osborne, Attorney’s Office – Sign Letter of Support for National Career Readiness Certificate
9:20   am Dan Davis, Engineer
1 Sign Dust Control Suppliers Permit with Fremont County for Dust Control by Jerico Services, Inc.
9:30   am Discuss/Approve Proposal on New Election Equipment     
9:40   am Approve Resolution Appointing Twila Larson to SIRHA Board
9:50   am Greg Dixon & Richard Payne–Discuss/Support for New Name for Corps of Engineer Wildlife Project
10:00 am Mike Fox, Landfill–Sign Financial Assurance Letter

10:05 am Steve Perry, Olmsted & Perry Consulting–Update on Sidney Streetscape
12:00 pm SWIA Juvenile Emergency Services Board Mtg., Council Bluffs-Bartholomew

May 20, 2013:

9:00   am Zion Recovery Meeting, Atlantic–Morgan  

May 21, 2013:

Approve Agenda 
Approve Minutes
Approve Bills and Reports
Open Mail and Hear Visitors
9:00   am Discuss/Secondary Employment Policy
9:10   am Discuss/Approve Credit Card Purchases Policy
9:15   am Change June 11t, 2013, Board Meeting Date
9:20   am Steve Riley, Prochaska  & Associates-Re: New LEC
9:50   am Mark Travis, Sidney City Manager–Discuss/Action Temporary Easement Agreement
10:15 am Twila Larson, FREDCO – Discuss Hometown Pride
10:30 am Danny Toma, Maintenance–Discuss/Approve Floor Repair
10:40 am Work on State Audit Report Response 
11:00 am Highway 2 Task Force Meeting, Courthouse    

May 22, 2013:

9:00   am Iowa Workforce Development Meeting, IWCC Council Bluffs–Hickey
1:30   pm Fourth Judicial District Meeting, Council Bluffs-Morgan

May 23, 2013:

1:30   pm SWIPCO Meeting

May 27, 2013:

Courthouse Closed–Memorial Day                                                                             

May 28, 2013:

Approve Agenda 
Approve Minutes
Approve Bills and Reports
Open Mail and Hear Visitors
9:00   am Jeff Shirley, Purchasing Agent – Bid Opening on Single Axle Dump Truck
9:10   am Dan Davis, Engineer & Lee Ryherd, Assistant to Engineer
1 Sign Contract & Bond on Project #FM-CO36(64) - - 55-36    
2  Sign Utility Permit for Black Hills Energy for Natural Gas Piping to New Church Construction North of Sidney
9:15   am Approve Cigarette/Tobacco Permits
1 Pilot Travel Center #238
2 Bohlen Farm Service
9:20   am Approve Annual Urban Development Renewal Report
9:30   am Sign Vote Tabulation Contract
9:35   am Sign Joint Participation Agreement with SWIPCO
9:45   am Peter Franks–Discuss State Historical Society Technical Advisory Network (TAN) Program
10:30 am Wilbur Henkle, Conservation Board–Discuss/Action Golf Course Lease
10:40 am Dale Kirkpatrick–Discuss Ditch Next to His Property
10:50 am Work on State Audit Report Response
1:30   pm Waubonsie Mental Health Meeting, MHI Clarinda-Hickey                     

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