Fremont County Board of Supervisors 
Tentative Agenda

July 2011

Fremont County Board of Supervisors Meeting Format:

Persons without an appointment on the agenda may be allowed to speak with the Board of Supervisors at the end of their regular meeting. There will be a five minute limit for each individual addressing the Board of Supervisors. Public comment during the official meeting is also limited to five minutes and must be related to the topic being discussed at the time of comment.   

You are hereby notified that the Fremont County Board of Supervisors will meet at 9:00 a.m. in the Boardroom, Fremont County Courthouse, to consider the following items of business:

July 4, 2011:

Courthouse Closed for Fourth of July Holiday

July 5, 2011:

Approve Agenda 
Approve Minutes
Approve Bills and Reports
Open Mail and Hear Visitors
9:00   am Pam Herzberg & Margaret Johnson–Annual Update on Corner Counties Early Childhood
9:15   am Approve
Retail Cigarette/Tobacco Permit for Friendly’s

July 10, 2011:

 3pm–7pm Golden Hills 30th Anniversary 

July 11, 2011:

1:00   pm DECAT Meeting, Clarinda-Hickey

July 12, 2011:

Approve Agenda 
Approve Minutes
Approve Bills and Reports
Open Mail and Hear Visitors
8:30   am Department Head Meeting
9:00   am Appoint Representative to Western Iowa Tourism Board
9:05   am Dan Davis, Engineer
Sign IDOT Payment Voucher with HGM For Thurman Bridge Project #BRS-CO36(60)--60-36
9:15   am Approve Treasurer’s Semi-Annual Report
9:20   am Reassess the Holding of TIF Funds For I29/Hwy 2 SID, LLC

9:30   am Approve New Part-Time Hire for Recorder's Office

July 19, 2011:

Approve Agenda 
Approve Minutes
Approve Bills and Reports
Open Mail and Hear Visitors
9:00   am Mark Friehe – Introductions and Compensations with AFLAC.
9:15   am SW IA Mediation Center- Request use of Courthouse for Meetings.
9:20   am Consider/Approve Resolution Rescinding/Revoking County’s Participation in IA County Attorney’s Case Management Project.
9:30   am Approve Official Flood Contact Person for Fremont County
9:45   am Consider/Approve Budget Amendment for Operation Santa Claus & Reserve lines
10:00 am Discuss County Finances
10:10 am Consider/Approve Temporary Hire for 2011 Missouri River Flood Related Activities
10:20 am Consider/Approve Precinct Population Certification to Secretary of State’s Office
10:30 am Consider/Approve New Lease Juvenile Probation
10:40 am Dan Davis, Engineer
1 Sign Farm to Market Payment Voucher for Heiningsen Construction on M-16 Pavement Project
Sign Utility Permit for Qwest Communications for Work on Swedish Road
10:55 am Consider/Approve Military Veteran Granted Time Off to Participate in Military Funeral Ceremony

July 20, 2011:  

9:00 am-3:00 pm LHA, De Soto-Morgan
12:00 pm SWIA Juvenile Services Council Bluffs-Morgan

July 21, 2011:     

West Central Development Board Meeting Harlan - Bartholomew  

July 24, 2011:

11:30 am FREDCO Meeting

July 26, 2011:   

9:00   am Dan Davis/Mike Batenhorst-Bid Letting for A-5 & A-8.
9:15   am Dan Davis, Engineer
1 Sign Resolutions Reappointing Brian Shirley to Board of Adjustment for a Five Year Term Ending April 30, 2016

9:30   am Renee Von Bokern- Discuss Consulting Services
10:00 am Jan Winkler, CPC-Permission to Hire Replacement Case Manager
10:15 am Approve Nutrient Management Plan for Darwin Bugg
10:30 am Joan Kirk, Auditor, Seeking Permission to Hire Replacement for Part-Time Assistant Auditor
10:45 am Riparian Community First, Discuss Flooding Issues
11:00 am Discuss County Finances
11:30 am
Motion to Close Courthouse Early for Rodeo Parade                                                   

July 27, 2011:

9:00   am Iowa Workforce Development Meeting Council Bluffs–Hickey
9:00   am to 3:00 pm LHA De Soto-Morgan
1:30   pm Fourth Judicial District Meeting Council Bluffs-Morgan 

July 28, 2011:   

SWIPCO Meeting - Morgan

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