Fremont County Board of Supervisors 
Tentative Agenda

April 2011

You are hereby notified that the Fremont County Board of Supervisors will meet at 9:00 a.m. in the Boardroom, Fremont County Courthouse, to consider the following items of business:

April 5, 2011:

Approve Agenda 
Approve Minutes 
Open Mail and Hear Visitors 
Approve Bills and Reports
9:00   am Consider/Change Board Meeting Schedule
9:05   am Discuss Work on Hamburg Relevy
9:15   am Discuss Discoveries of DNR & Robert Josten
9:30   am Set Levy for Johnson Run Drainage District
9:45   am Mike Fox, Landfill–Discuss/Approve Local Government Guarantee
10:00 am Jan Winkler–Update on SIRHA
10:15 am Approve Use of Courthouse for FCRCC
10:20 am Dan Davis, Engineer
1 Sign Title Sheet for Seal Coat Project Number FM-CO36(62) – – 55-36
2 Sign Work in ROW Permit for Chris Boyd to Clean Road Ditch to Improve Drainage on 210th Street in 28-69-43

April 12, 2011:

Approve Agenda 
Approve Minutes 
Open Mail and Hear Visitors 
Approve Bills and Reports
8:30   am Department Head Meeting
9:00   am Discuss J-46
9:15   am Gary & Travis Smiley Re: Drainage Tube
9:30   am Conference Call with Page Co. Board of Supervisors Re: Johnson Run
9:45   am Discuss/Action on Cleaning of Cemetery at County Farm
9:55   am Approve Class B & Class C Liquor License for Wilds Property Management, LLC
10:00 am David Owen–Sign Grant Form for Medical Examiner Class                                                                                   

April 13, 2011:

12:00 noon Board Of Health Meeting–Hickey

April 18, 2011:

7:00   pm Public Meeting Regarding Randolph Post Office, Randolph-Bartholomew

April 19, 2011:

Approve Agenda 
Approve Minutes 
Open Mail and Hear Visitors 
Approve Bills and Reports
9:00   am Brian Kingsolver – Approve Use of Courthouse for Democratic Caucus
9:05   am Contact ICAP Re: Courthouse Roof
9:15   am Discuss County Vehicle Policy
9:30   am Approve Enterprise Zone Extension Resolution
9:45   am Approve Letter to I29/Hwy 2 SID, LLC
9:50   am Dan Davis, Engineer
1 Sign Work in ROW Permit for Windstream Communications to Place Fiber Optic Cable from Percival to
   Benton North in Sections 29, 21, 16, 17, 8, & 4
2 Discuss Projects Programmed in TIP/STIP-Federal Dollars 
9:55   am Mike Crecelius, EMC/Sanitarian
1 DNR Reports/Sapp Bros
2 EMPG Status
10:10 am Cathy Crain with City of Hamburg
1 Federal Levy
2 Nishnabotna Stream Gauges
10:30 am Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield Employee Meeting–1 hour
6:00 pm West Central Community Action Meeting, Lake Manawa-Bartholomew

April 20, 2011:

12:00 pm SWIA Juvenile Emergency Svcs Board Meeting, Council Bluffs–Morgan
6:30   pm E911 Meeting, Sidney–Morgan, Bartholomew, & Hickey    

April 22, 2011:

Courthouse Closed–Good Friday

April 25, 2011:

3:00   pm JEO Meeting with Rick Allely-Hickey

April 26, 2011:                                                            

9:00   am Dan Davis, Engineer
1 Opening of Grader Bids for Road Department
9:15   am Cindy Bebout–Discuss CRP Ground Information (USDA/FSA)
9:30   am Kevin Aistrope, Sheriff–Discuss New Vehicles
9.45 am Mike Crecelius, EMC–Discuss EMPG Grant
10:00 am Doug Weber, Executive Director Golf Course–Discuss Operational Procedures at Golf Course 

April 27, 2011:

9:00 am Loess Hills Alliance Meeting, DeSoto-Morgan
1:30 pm Fourth Judicial District Meeting, Council Bluffs-Hickey

April 28, 2011:

1:30   pm SWIPCO Meeting-Morgan
6:30   pm Tourism Board Meeting, Eaton Law Office, Sidney-Bartholomew  

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