Fremont County Board of Supervisors 
Tentative Agenda

July 2010

July 5, 2010:

Courthouse Closed for Independence Day Holiday

July 6, 2010:

Approve Agenda 
Approve Minutes 
Open Mail and Hear Visitors 
Approve Bills and Reports
9:00   am Discuss Rural Water

July 9, 2010:

9:45 am Citizen’s Advisory Board Meeting, Clarinda-Larson 

July 13, 2010:

Approve Agenda 
Approve Minutes 
Open Mail and Hear Visitors 
Approve Bills and Reports
8:30  am Department Head Meeting
9:00  am  Dan Davis, Engineer

1 Sign Utility Permit for Windstream Communications for Telephone Cable Along 340th  Avenue in Madison Township Section 3
2 Discuss/Action on Work in ROW Permit for Larry Whitehead Removing Excess Dirt on J-46 Between Nishnabotna Rivers
3 Sign Contracts & Bonds for J-46 Project #.FM-CO-36(55)- -55-36
9:15  am Kevin Aistrope, Sheriff Re: Roof and Floor Repair at the Jail 
9:30  am Approve/Sign Provider Contract with Kevington Lane
9:45  am Bob Benton Re: Discuss Budget Amendment for REAP Money for Conservation Board
10:15 am Don Lain with Liberty National–Presentation of Information about the Company and Products Offered 
10:45 am Mike Crecelius & Pat Sheldon Re: River and Pumps
11:30 am Steve Whitehead- Review Termite Inspection Cost               

July 15, 2010:

FREDCO Meeting  

July 16, 2010:

Approve Agenda
9:00  am Dan Davis, Engineer–Action If Needed on Engineer’s Contract & Agreement                  

July 20, 2010:

Approve Agenda 
Approve Minutes 
Open Mail and Hear Visitors 
Approve Bills and Reports
9:00   am Road Department–Select Survey Firm for Nishnabotna Cross Sections for Basin Study 
9:15   am Jan Winkler–Approve/Sign Provider Contract with Kevington Lane 
9:30   am Christy Briley–Discuss Wage for Weed Commissioner
9:45   am Christy Briley–Discuss Wage for Dispatcher at Sheriff’s Office
9:55   am Approve Ebmeier Engineering to Write Proposal for Engineering Service on Attic Structure 
11:00 am Meeting with Page County Board of Supervisors at Bricker Room in Shenandoah Re: Johnson Run Drainage District 

July 21, 2010:

12:00 pm SWIA Juvenile Emergency Services Meeting in Council Bluffs-Morgan                                                                             

July 22, 2010:

1:30 pm Fourth Judicial District Meeting-Morgan
1:30 pm SWIPCO Meeting, Atlantic-Hendrickson

July 27, 2010:

Special Meeting:

Approve Agenda
9:00   am Dan Davis, Engineer - Action If Needed on Engineer’s Contract/Agreement
1 Sign Contract with Worth Lumber Company to Build Randolph Shed
 Sign Contract with Schemmer & Associates for Design Work on M-16 between 120th Street and 160th Street
 Sign Work in ROW Permit for Leo Ettleman to Replace & Lower Tube in Northeast Corner and Clean Road Ditch In 34-69-43

Regular Evening Meeting:

Approve Agenda
Approve Minutes
Approve Bills and Reports
Open Mail and Hear Visitors
6:30   pm Motion to Close Courthouse Early for Rodeo Parade
6:35   pm Lee Mosier Re: Bridge and Street Lights in Imogene
6:45   pm FREDCO Re: Rural Water Project
7:15   pm Larry Whitehead Re: Drainage on J-46
7:30   pm Ray Wallace – Discuss Wages and Paperwork for Weed Commissioner Position 
7:45   pm Approve Nutrient Management Plan for Darwin Bugg
7:50   pm Approve Class C Beer Permit and Sunday Sales for The Junction
7:55   pm Approve Class C Beer Permit and Sunday Sales for Friendly’s
8:00   pm Approve Class B Liquor License for Country Inn Motel
8:05   pm Sign MHPAEA & ACA Information Form
8:10   pm Kevin Aistrope, Sheriff - Approve Use of Courtroom
8:15   pm Arnold Emberton IT Approve Purchase of  Instagate Maintenance Agreement
8:20   pm Larry Holt - Consider Removal of Sand from Roadway East of Sidney
8:30   pm Conservation Board
8:45   pm Brian Gross NRCS–Update on Project in Hamburg

July 28, 2010:

1:00   pm DECAT Meeting in Clarinda-Hendrickson
Iowa Workforce Development Meeting - Morgan 


July 29, 2010:

Special Meeting

1:00   pm Decision on Purchase of Vehicle for Road Department          


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